Diwata ng Manila/Sin

What can we call you? 

 Sin! My pronouns are  She/Her/They/Them

 Where can we find, and/or BUY your work? 


So, Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hi! My name is Sin! I’m known across my social medias as the Diwata ng Manila. I make games! I like the realm of magic realism, so I like to make games about the mundane with a fantastical twist.

I’m currently working on two projects: The Planted ‘Verse and Navathem’s End.

The Planted ‘Verse is a series of micro-RPGs where you basically play as small houseplants trying to protect the household, complete quests and continue to balance the world between your Yard and the Unkept. I’ve released one out of four micro-RPGs under this label: Succulent Sorcerers. Petal Paladins is set to release this month!

Navathem’s End is a PBtA game where you play as heroes-in-training in a broken world that’s headed towards the apocalypse. Because you are highly attuned with the fates of the world, your actions can either corrupt or redeem the world! Will you be the ones to halt the apocalypse, or will you herald it instead?

I make monthly content on my Patreon and kick around about my game design on my Twitter!

Awesome! So where can our Patrons find and support you?

You can find me on Twitter @diwataMANILA where I’m likely musing about game design and my many feelings about it.

Most of my other social medias (facebook page, instagram) are more for my art than my games, so just twitter is fine.