Meet the team: Amr


Project co-founder and an Ongoing cast member


Amr (They/Them) is one of the many voices helping bring Voices at play to life. When they’re not lending their voice to the podcast, or a few others, they’re either playing more TTRPGs, working on game design, or doing that whole Math/Engineering student thing.

If you want to support their work, you can find them scattered around the internet on a variety of discord servers (mainly the One Shot Discord as a mod, and Stop, Hack, and Roll) and twitter as @ammourazz. That’s the best way to keep an eye out for news about what they’re working on and to stay aware of projects designed to promote diversity in tabletop.

A few specific projects can be found on their itch page ( as they come out, and news for the genre blending PbtA game they’re co-designing can be found on


“I often feel like the only Egyptian in tabletop space, and one of my biggest goals is to counter that by pulling in more people like me. I want to empower them to feel like they not only have a place in this space, but that they’re actively wanted here.

A project like this lets us spotlight designers with similar goals, and at the same time as supporting them and their games help further representation in this space for the people who need it most.”