Meet the team: Peridot

:Peridot Rose:

Ongoing cast member


Peridot Rose (They/Them) is an autistic nonbinary lesbian artist, and is also just super thrilled to be here. They have been playing tabletop RPGs for over half of their lifetime, and have always loved telling stories, especially collaboratively.

This summer, they will be working with a local therapist to run RPGs for trans and nonbinary teenagers in their area. They are hoping to spread their passion and inspire others. Peridot is excited to bring their passion and energy to the Voices at Play team, and to help marginalized people within a community they care deeply about to be more visible.

In their free time, they can be found rambling about superheroes on Twitter @ToonElemental, and their ongoing webcomic about LGBT superheroes, Hard Work, can be found at

“I think the tabletop gaming community has a bit of a reputation as something sort of impenetrable; hard to get into unless you’re willing to learn all kinds of strict rules and adhere to a specific kind of storytelling and narrative.

I love to show people that things are much more open, interesting, and fluid than that, and that, despite it outwardly looking like a very straight cis male-centered community, is full of diverse groups of both players and creators.”