Meet the team: Ray


Ray, on his wedding day, wearing a flower crown

:Ray S:

Project co-founder, Lead coordinator,  Social media manager, Site co-designer,

 Podcast Cast member, Producer and Editor


Ray (He/Him) is the friendly voice behind the Voices at play twitter account and our Patreon page who you’ll often find reaching out to creators of games, engaging with our Discord community or spreading the word on new and exciting projects from around the community.

He’s also the main driving force (GM, organiser,editor and SM manager) behind “Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn” a high-fantasy, improv fiction, audio drama style podcast, driven by Tabletop Roleplay which can also be found on twitter @DarkDragonsInn

If actual play content is more your speed, you can hear him playing the character of “Raz Mataz” in the Shadowrun Anarchy actual play podcast, “The talent agency“, a super queer take on sci-fi heists and doing crime. You can find them on twitter @PhantomArtsEnt

“As a (white, cis, male) queer member of the TTRPG community, I rarely feel unwelcome in the spaces I’m a part of, but I’m all too aware that this is not the case for a great many others.

Voices at play, for me, is a way for me to use the seat and voice that I have to make room for others to be heard.

I’m excited to discover new games, get to play them with new people and spread the word about all of the great creators we’ve been working with.”