Interstitial – Game Three : Part One

The start of this particular adventure will be deeply familiar to anyone who has ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Em, our GM for this one shot, takes their players to the land of Hyrule where the Princess Zelda is awaiting with a mission to save their imperilled land.


Leaning heavily into the spirit of Interstitial, Em successfully composes their own take on the “world of Hyrule” which NONE OF THE PLAYERS ARE FAMILIAR WITH. This produces some really fantastic dynamics, proving that even in a fictional setting your players don’t know the way you do, as a GM, taking inspiration from (or even lifting directly) your favourite fictional places, is an easy recipe for success.


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This episode is played by Em, Cass, AJ and Amr


Em, an avid cosplayer can be found on twitter @sketchmouseart and instagram @sketchmouse


Cass, a game designer can be found on twitter


AJ is on twitter at


Amr can be found on twitter too