Interstitial – Game Four : Part One

This week’s game features a preview of the setting provided as part of the game as sold, in the world of Eta:

In an effort to show off a little of the game beyond the character playbooks and rules/guides, our GM Atlas opted to run through a scenario they built using the setting that operates as the base of Interstitial and the players chose to play a mix of characters both original and pre-existing to demonstrate that this works too!

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This episode is played by Megan, Chelsea, Atlas and Sam
Megan, voice actor, cosplayer and co-host fot tabletop potluck you can find her on twitter @tabletop_megan
Chelsea, can be found on twitter and twitch, @chelseabytes
Atlas can be found on twitch, twitter and more @koboldtime

Sam is on twitter at @JustSamPlease