Interstitial – Player Roundtable

Thoughts and opinions! You want ’em and we got ’em.
Join us for our roundtable discussion between players and get the inside scoop on what people thought of their experience

We do make note that during our games we were using a pre-release edition of the game; fortunately, the latest version can be found when you order your own copy of Interstitial here; 
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This Roundtable features Ray, Cass, Brandon, Sam and Chelsea
Ray can be found on twitter, under his podcast, Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn 
and is the primary management behind this show’s twitter too at;
Sam is on twitter at @JustSamPlease 
Chelsea, can be found on twitter and twitch, @chelseabytes  
Cass, a game designer can be found on twitter  
 Brandon can be found on Twitter  where you can learn all about the projects they’re involved with.