Austin Ramsay

Austin Ramsay, a white man with glasses, and a well-trimmed beard, smiles confidently into the camera, wearing a blue suit, purple shirt and dashing pink tie
What can we call you?   
I’m  Austin Ramsay. My pronouns are He/Him
Where can we find, and/or BUY your work? 

So, Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
 I’m a bi white cis guy who is the primary GM and community manager for the You Don’t Meet In An Inn podcast. I’m also the designer of Beam Saber, Tomb of the Gods, and working on other games. I stream campaigns on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


Awesome! So where can our Patrons find and support you?  
You can find me on twitter at
Or you can support what i’m doing directly through Patreon 
Editor note:
Would you like to hear BeamSaber in action outside of Austin’s twitch stream?
Well you can now listen to the esteemable Friends at the Table playing it live!