Interstitial: Our hearts intertwined

Cover art for Interstitial: our hearts intertwined features a circle of stained glass, which in turn features steins of the characters used for each main playbook

“Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined is a tabletop RPG about our connections with other people, the power we draw from those connections, and traveling to different worlds.”

Riley Hopkins of Linksmith Games, talking about Interstitial: Our hearts intertwined.

Interstitial was the first game chosen for our podcast and in our humble opinion, was a fantastic choice for our first step into this experience. As a group, many of us were coming together for the first time as both gamers and creators; with a wide variety of experience and from totally different backgrounds.

This game in particular is perfect for groups who are new to each other (and is even better with long standing friends). Thematically, the game is a mirror for Kingdom Hearts. That doesn’t mean that you need to know much about that particular series though; In fact, the only thing you really need to know is that at its core, Kingdom hearts is about connections.

And so too, is Interstitial. The game comes with a number of Playbooks (a concept any Powered by the apocalypse fan will be familiar with); each has their own governing set of rules, to define a certain character archetype. The spirit of interstitial is rooted in the idea that you’ll not only be playing original characters of your own design (though this is certainly an option) but that you can play as any character from any existing franchise and not only that, but your stories at the table can also take place in existing franchise worlds!

Playbooks like, “The friend”, a support class, compares favourably with characters ranging from Donald duck to Chewbacca, for example and “The Anachronism”, portraying characters like Dragon ball Z’s “Trunks, or “The Doctor” (Who?).

As players, you’ll use the game’s systems to tell exciting stories and make “links” (symbolising relationships/connections to others) with characters throughout several fictional universes.

If you don’t feel like playing in a popular fictional setting; the game also comes with a setting all of its own “Eta (η)”. It’s core focus is “The Sovereign Force the elite group that polices Eta. Their sworn mission is to keep Eta safe by preventing the travel of people or objects between worlds.”

If you enjoy the episodes of our games or this sounds like the game for you and your group, you can purchase a copy directly from its creator, here;