Meet the team: Algie


Project co-founder and an Ongoing cast member


Algie (All pronouns) first encountered tabletop RPGs when they read their brother’s D&D books. They spent hours thinking about characters and adventures, tried (unsuccessfully) to play one campaign, and then did not play again for over a decade.

Recently, xe came back to rpgs, starting with actual play podcasts and then eventually running some games. Xe found that xyr love of telling stories and of making spreadsheets were a useful combination for GMing. Extremely detailed, over-prepared GMing, but xe’s having fun.

Voices is the first big internet project zie has been a part of, but you can also find hir on tumblr as (equalseleventhirds) and twitter (@eleventhirds).

“Some people act like gaming is just for cishet white men, but the RPG community is so much bigger and more diverse than that.

There are groups and games made for and by marginalised people, where we can feel welcomed and respected and heard. I want more people to know that, and play those games.”