Meet the team: Cass K


Cass K, a native american woman, Game designer

:Cass K:

Project co-founder, Ongoing cast member and Site co-designer


Cass (She/They) started down the roleplaying path when her mom decided to be the dungeon master for a family campaign of Hero Quest and Cass claimed the female barbarian as her forever-hero. She grew up playing more roleplaying games with her brothers, and returned to the hobby a few years ago with the desire to explore a wider range of games.

She began to design games when she couldn’t find anything that fit the niche her game group wanted. Now she explores games across the emotional range; from mech games about difficult choices in war, to a high-fantasy pirate adventure about gaining riches with your found-family style crew, to magical animals trying to heal a forest poisoned by fear.

You can keep up with her released projects at and her in-development works (and thinking-aloud posts about design) on her main development site

If retweets of cute animals and promotion of diverse projects interest you more, you can follow her Twitter @CassKdesigns.

“Once I started to design games I realized how much a designer’s culture and identity influences their design…and the player’s experience as a result.

As a non-binary, queer NDN designer I struggled to find my voice until I connected with a group of queer and PoC designers who recognized the struggle and encouraged me to be as genuine as possible with my viewpoint.

Voices at play excites me because it feels like a way to promote great projects by people from our community, and maybe even inspire people like me who need to know they aren’t alone.”