Meet the team: Megan Scharlau

:Megan Scharlau:

Project co-founder and an Ongoing cast member


Megan Scharlau (she/her) is a voice actress, stage actress, cosplayer, and tabletop gamer. She loves playing mischievous but loving characters and enjoys running games filled with hints of the uncanny and loads of political intrigue.

As someone on the asexual spectrum, she strives to help build RPG spaces that are inclusive to all LGBTQ+ players and listeners. With that goal in mind, she helped create the Tabletop Potluck podcast and continues to play, GM, and host for their weekly show.

You can catch that at (or where-ever you get your podcasts) and can follow her on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @tabletop_megan.

“Tabletop Gaming is a much larger space than people realize. And because of that, we need to make sure that the same love and support is reaching marginalized creators and players. This is just the beginning.”