Meet the team: Sarah M

:Sarah M:

Project co-founder and Former cast member

Sarah (or Milmo) (She/They) is a writer and comics artist from Wales. Her current project is NPC Tea, a series about a tea shop run by orcs, elves and other fantasy creatures in modern day Cardiff.

Five issues have been released with the 6th aiming for 2019. Her clients include Rebellion, The Beano, Big Punch Studios, Time Bomb Comics and Kookie Magazine, and she’s also worked in the games industry as a 2D artist and writer.

She’s relatively new to TTRPGs but loves inventing characters and throwing her players a loop or two. She can be found on Twitter @Heart_of_Time.

“Voices is a wonderful opportunity to discover new games by diverse creators. I’m looking forward to meeting some awesome people and telling some great stories together!”