We’re live!

Hello and welcome to “Voices at play” a project focused on funding, promoting and creating content around games produced and designed by marginalised people.

Here, you’ll find information on who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish as well as how we plan on doing it!

You’ll be able to learn more about the creators we’re supporting and the games which they are working on. You’ll also find in depth information on the games which we’ve chosen to highlight as part of our Podcast and importantly; the podcast itself!

Our Podcast goes free, public and live on April 1st! Sign up here to get a single email notification when that happens https://goo.gl/forms/DNKcCCpXPBWVkea03 we’ll then never use your email address again.

Signup here also entitles you to one additional entry for our first ever giveaway to win yourself a digital copy of Interstitial! (Further details to come on April 1st).

If what we’re doing here sounds like something you can get behind, consider pledging to us on patreon. For a minimum of $1 a month, you can join our Patron only Discord server and get involved in the community we’re building. Find out more on https://patreon.com/VoicesAt